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RHUBNZ Speakers Preview – NZDF

The New Zealand Defence Force is one of the largest employers in NZ. The Force comprises of over 14,000 people. This includes around 9,000 Regular Force, 2,200 Reserve Force, and 2,900 civil staff members across the armed services of Navy, Army and Air Force. Each year 1,900 new hires are made.

NZDF is undoubtably one of the most innovative recruiters in the country, utilising a wide range of tactics and strategies. Interactive and engaging, the defence career site is probably one of the best employment websites in NZ.

NZDF also widely used social channels like youtube, Linkedin, facebook and Twitter.  Their recruitment videos, in particular, are done very well.   We love this video from NZDF.

At RHUB Wendy Wright and Xanthe Prentice will shed light on the recruitment practices at NZDF.





Tag Archive for: xanthe prentice