Gaining an Edge

Guest post by Adrian Coysh 

Three of the questions posed…
April 25, 2016/by admin

My Recruitment Story – Q&A With Bevan Gray

We asked ex-Rugby player & coach turned management consultant…
March 15, 2016/by admin

What’s your recruitment story?

In line with this year's RHUB theme of Story and Storytelling …
October 8, 2015/by admin

My Recruitment Story – Bridget Cooksley

Stories defines us. Each of us have a unique story. RHUB's theme…
October 1, 2015/by admin

My Recruitment Story – Aron Chantelau

Stories defines us. Each of us have a unique story. RHUB's theme…
September 16, 2015/by admin

#RHUBNZ – Fearless Change Agent.

by Kylie Telford

“Fearless in the face of failure” (@warrenyoungster)

November 19, 2014/by admin

Are you a fearless recruiter?

We are having a special joint #ozrec and #nzrec chat this week.

November 6, 2014/by admin

Retailer adopts agency model for internal team

Source : Shortlist

Retail giant The Warehouse Group is integrating…
October 29, 2014/by admin

How To Become a Fearless Change Agent?

The agenda for the upcoming #RHUBNZ Conference claims that “After…
October 28, 2014/by admin

Fearless Recruitment – Say What?

hen thinking about recruitment, fearless isn't a word that comes…
October 25, 2014/by admin

Promoting Rookie Recruiters at RHUBNZ

New recruits to the industry are critical for the long-term health…
October 16, 2014/by admin

RHUBNZ Speakers Preview – NZDF

The New Zealand Defence Force is one of the largest employers…
October 9, 2014/by admin

Announcing RHUB 2014 MCs

We are delighted to announce not one but two MCs for RHUBNZ 2014…
October 8, 2014/by admin

Can Design-Thinking Solve Recruitment Problems? Q&A With Kelly Ann McKercher of Optimal Experience

What can recruiters learn from designers?

One of the focus…
October 6, 2014/by admin

#fearlessrecruitment = My reality!

#177983273 /

It’s come to my attention…
September 29, 2014/by Dan Nuroo

“Diplomatic Immunity” in Recruitment

What would you do if you had a corporate “Diplomatic immunity”…
September 16, 2014/by Dan Nuroo

RHUBNZ Conference is back

RHUBNZ is back! We are delighted to announce RHUB CONFERENCE…
September 13, 2014/by admin

Recruiting calls for rhythm, routine and “business within a business” mindset

Source: Shortlist

Former New Zealand Post recruitment manager…
October 20, 2013/by admin

Recruiters must be champions of the employer brand: Aon Hewitt

Source: Shortlist

After a six-month honeymoon, engagement among…
October 20, 2013/by admin

In-house recruiters “not as trusted as we should be”; agency roles changing

Source: Shortlist

In-house recruitment teams are constantly…
October 20, 2013/by admin

Q&A With Pip O’Connell, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

We caught up with Pip O'Çonnell from MBIE and asked her a few…
September 22, 2013/by admin

Introducing Andy Headworth, speaker RHUBNZ 2013

Introducing RHUBNZ 2013 speaker Andy Headworth
August 13, 2013/by admin

Move to internal recruitment pays off for IT company

Source: Shortlist

One of the biggest barriers to moving to…
June 20, 2013/by admin

How to improve your Twitter sourcing

Once you've found the passive candidates you're looking for on…
June 20, 2013/by admin

Global mobility program boosts PwC sourcing

Source: Shortlist

Also speaking at the Summit, PricewaterhouseCoopers…
June 20, 2013/by admin

Recruiters: Can you demonstrate the value you create?

Source: Shortlist

Internal recruiters should look for ways…
June 20, 2013/by admin

Engage with candidates to create recruitment advocates: ASB Bank

Source: Shortlist News

Maintaining a dialogue with your candidates…
June 20, 2013/by admin

Clients no longer buy into recruiter value: Savage

Source: Shortlist, 18 October 2012

Employers throughout the…
November 12, 2012/by admin

How to build an EVP for a business undergoing big change

Source: Shortlist, 19 October 2012

How can a business build…
November 12, 2012/by admin

Culture is key to agency performance; A prophesy of the death of sourcing and HR

Source: Shortlist, 19 October 2012

Culture is key for high-performing…
November 12, 2012/by admin

The SME market is your market, recruiters told

Source: Shortlist
Rather than chasing business with big employers…
November 12, 2012/by admin

Perth Airport rejects NZ ads targeting FIFO workers: agency

SOURCE: Shortlist
Perth Airport declined to host a series of…
November 11, 2012/by admin

What do NZ employers expect from recruitment agencies?

Influenced by a wide range of factors, including the development…
October 4, 2012/by admin

How Important is “Culture” to Recruiters?

Hello everyone.  I'm  writing this guest post with exactly…
October 4, 2012/by admin

Introducing Kirsti Grant

We are pleased to announce that the conference chair and MC for…
September 24, 2012/by admin


We are pleased to announce that the MC/Conference Chair for RHUBNZ…
September 24, 2012/by admin

#RHUBNZ Conference 2012 Venue – Floating Pavilion

The 2012 #RHUBNZ will be held at the floating pavilion.

September 20, 2012/by admin