YUDU is NZME’s next generation employment network, advertising to an audience of 3.2m New Zealanders every week across our 70+ brands. (source:  Nielsen CMI Q3 18 to Q2 19. AP10+).​

We provide a unique platform to attract and hire talent by targeting both active & passive candidates with data driven segmentation.​Our content rich career hubs keep passive candidates engaged with news, events, people, and opportunities in their relative industry.

Companies can build their employer brand by showcasing an authentic look at their culture, with company profiles, customized media packages & native content.​ Our personality test helps candidates find the perfect fit helping them understand their values which can be matched to a company profile.

Standard job listings on YUDU are free, TOP JOB Boosts & media packages priced separately giving you the opportunity to leverage the reach of our wider network.​

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