Whether you are a candidate looking for your next role or a client looking to fill a key vacancy you’ll find Tash incredibly helpful. Humanistic, natural and honest are the three words that spring to mind when reflecting on Tash and her approach. In the Auckland recruitment scene Tash represents a dab of bright colour in a world of grey. Don’t know what I mean? Get in touch with her and you’ll see the difference.

Andy Smith
Senior Leader – People & Culture

Originally from Whangārei, Natasha worked in Insurance for eight years before moving to Auckland and setting the Recruitment world alight (or something like that).

She works with Rice Consulting, a team of (mostly) professional consultants that was first established in 2009, pioneering a unique rec-to-rec offering before expanding to cover all of Human Resources. She joined the team late 2017 and specialise in recruitment across the whole People & Culture space, including HR, Recruitment, Health & Safety, OD and L&D.

Outside of the 9-5, Natasha is a photographer, Te Reo student, rock climber, learner surfer, lover of late ‘80s aerobics competitions, and probably eats too many burgers.