Melissa is an exceptional motivator of people. Melissa is charismatic, high energy, passionate, highly intelligent, leads by example and not afraid to make things happen, a truly modern leader!

Andrew Carpenter
Grow Wellington


Melissa has worked with a diverse range of organisations from local cafes, online retailers, ad agencies and trade based owner/operators to leading organizations such as BOC Limited (a member of the Linde Group), Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety, Blackwoods, SAI Global, Recall Information Management (a Brambles Company) and in each role she has focused on achieving a step-change in performance for the business, and supporting the people involved to adapt and achieve their goals also.

More recently, Melissa has lead attraction of foreign direct investment, businesses and talent to NZ’s Capital City, become immersed in technology startups and likes to blend the corporate disciplines with the resource-lean and repsonsive needs of early stage companies to aid their growth and success.

On a personal note, Melissa spends the rest of her time developing business ideas, feeding a Google addiction, learning more about the world (trying to change it on occasion), socializing, cheering on the Crusaders and All Blacks, collecting experiences, meditating, practicing yoga, at the gym, travelling, being outdoors, and chasing many dreams.

Silver Delta not only leverages Melissa’s experience but draws on the depth of her network too. Silver Delta has a team of professionals, experts and strategic alliances that will be utilised to ensure you always get the best level of advice and support.