The Warehouse

Matt describes himself as an accidental retailer – the classic story of finishing university and not knowing what to do before joining a friend in a retail role. Over the next 5 years he worked in retail rising to an Area Managers role in the French Alps (although he says it was more playing in the snow than work), before coming back to New Zealand.

Returning to New Zealand he began the typical recruitment career story – went to an agency as a candidate, they didn’t have anything for him, asked him if he had thought about recruitment, he said no, rethought it, and 9 years later here he is. The first two years were spent in a retail recruitment agency, before accepting a role in the start up internal team at The Warehouse. He is a passionate believer in retail as a career, and now leads the team responsible for recruitment at The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery as well as a number of other B2B and B2C brands that make up The Warehouse Group. 7 Years managing the recruitment for the critical trading area of The Warehouse has been a baptism of fire that has forced him to get creative with solutions, campaigns and process over the years. He sees lots of parallels between the perception of Retail and Recruitment as career choices.