My Recruitment Story – Aron Chantelau

Stories defines us. Each of us have a unique story. RHUB’s theme this year is stories and storytelling.  We talked to Aron Chantelau from Assurity about his recruitment story.

Q. How did you get into recruitment?
Having studied HR at university, I inevitably left my job search to the last minute and started desperately searching job boards for roles two weeks before finishing my degree. As it so happened, there was a bunch of recruitment agency roles going and not a lot else. So, through poor planning and lack of preparation, recruitment chose me. My first role in-house was a real breakthrough. I soon recognised that I wasn’t going to get far in a sales-driven agency world. It took a skilled recruiter who really understood what it takes for someone to succeed in-house to give me that shot at an internal role. As a left-field hire, I felt the pressure in a fast-paced and growing IT company, but managed to get through by the skin of my teeth.

Q. What’s your most memorable recruitment story?
Back in 2008 and only a year into my career, I worked for a recruitment agency. Times were tough as the global financial crisis had hit and most of my days were spent talking to job seekers, providing them with CV and interview tips and being there as an avenue for them to vent their frustrations.

One my best friends had landed a management role with a company that was breaking the norm and actually growing. I was in candidate management back in those days, but managed to get approval to ‘be the consultant’ and help my friend find good people. We worked hard to find people that were a good fit for his company and team and, before we knew it, he had a team of five talented people. Seven years later and his team has had zero turnover but, best of all, we’re all friends! I’ll always remember this as it taught me early on that recruitment is more than just finding work for people. It’s about getting people together who share values and goals and who gel. That’s when the magic really happens.

“recruitment is more than just finding work for people. It’s about getting people together who share values and goals and who gel. That’s when the magic really happens”

Q. What stories should recruiters be telling?
First up, recruiters need to share stories with their own people. Talking with the teams they recruit for about the challenges we face as an industry, what we’re doing to overcome these challenges and the successes we’ve had to make them feel part of the hiring journey. Applicants need to hear stories about life in the organisation. The ‘how’ we do things as a company, why we’re here and where we are going. The more tangible the experiences, the more real it will feel to the individual and, subsequently, the more engaged they will feel. Ultimately, stories bring things to life

Q. What will your cover at RHUB?
I’ll be speaking about how using a values-driven approach to recruitment has really worked for me; how I’ve discovered what’s in my own DNA, what it is that makes me uniquely me and how this links to the work I do in my organisation. I’ll be going into a bit of detail about the approach I’ve taken at Assurity that showcases our company values and ultimately has led to some great successes in the recruitment space.

Aron will be speaking at RHUB conference on 21 October.  Do you want to share your recruitment story? Write to us.