Are you a fearless recruiter?

We are having a special joint #ozrec and #nzrec chat this week.

Our subject is Fearless Recruitment (#rhubnz theme for this year)

But what does it really mean?  Fearless recruitment can mean different things to different people – it can be as simple as hacking job posts to get better results, or trying something new to improve recruitment ROI, or it can entail taking personal responsibility to help job seekers. It can mean innovation, process improvement, cutting waste or experimenting with new ideas and processes.  The list is endless.

But in essence fearless recruitment mean mustering up the courage to take risks, to innovate and to not be satisfied with the status quo.  There are  ample stories of fearless recruitment in NZ & Australia. It’s not too far off to argue that almost all innovation in our industry is a result of some one taking a fearless decision.

So time for some fearless chat. We are giving away a free #rhubnz ticket to the best contributor.

Our hosts are @FindSouth  in NZ and @philliptusing in Australia.

TIME : 10:30 AM Australia. 12:30 PM  NZ.

1) Are recruiters too reluctant to take risks?
2) How can you be better at being brave in pursuing a better outcome?
3) How can you change a recruitment culture that is risk averse?
4) What’s the biggest risk you have taken and what are the outcomes?