#fearlessrecruitment = My reality!

It’s come to my attention that there’s been a bit of a grumpy flavour in my last few posts, sorry about that. It’s not normally my style, but sometimes, just sometimes stuff needs to be said.

So here’s a change up then.

I’ve been pretty excited of late. I’ve been challenged with what I think to be every Recruiters Dream. My MD came to me and said “Dan, enough of this “just in time” Recruitment” (insert Dan’s gulp here) “Find me some stars, convince me, and we’ll hire them”. This was later reformed to… “Find me some stars… hire them… you know what we want. Pull the trigger. Go for it!”

Carte Blanche… Pretty cool huh?

Here’s the kicker. Even more so than normal, it really is my responsibility. We’ve all worn the “Who’s hired this person game”, getting blamed for the hires that just don’t work out (don’t pretend you haven’t had any, I won’t believe you) and yet never got the accolades for that super star hire that changed the course of the companies success for the years to come. Time to put up or shut up I suppose.

There’s lots of talk in the HR or Recruitment sphere (OK more HRy type people who worry about these things) about wanting a “seat at the table.” You know, that table where your decisions count, that table where you get instant validation for your career and profession. As a Recruiter, you can normally comfort yourself with the fact that most decisions made are a product of “Group Think”. Many people get a say in the process and the final decision is normally the person signing the cheques. However the ball is squarely in my court. There will be questioning, there will be people giving their opinion to the positive and to the negative, and it will be my call.

Talk about exposed. Pretty exciting huh? I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but we’ve tested the theory already, with others trying to influence my decision. (including said person who has historically made those calls and will still be signing the cheques) I’m standing firm, and finally officially wearing the result. Help!?

The evolution has begun.. Would you be brave enough?