“Diplomatic Immunity” in Recruitment

What would you do if you had a corporate “Diplomatic immunity” of you could Recruit, engage, hire with no fear.

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My boss told me a secret, which I’ll share with you, if you promise not to tell anyone. He would tell me if he asked the Legal people if he could do things, they would tell him all the reasons he couldn’t. He said the same went for his HR people, if he asked them if he could do something, they would just say all the reasons he couldn’t. So he changed the question. He started to ask them to find a way he could do something, and forwent that question.

Looking for solutions. It’s a cathartic way of looking at things. The world keeps changing, technology is advancing, disrupting markets and industries in the way we’ve always known them. The world is shrinking, the war for talent is blurring the lines, eroding boundaries. Are you keeping pace or being left behind?

So…. What would you do? Firstly, I’d hang out with someone like Paul Jacobs. This man’s brain astounds me. He’ll think of something you’ve never thought of.  He’s going to Gaming conferences for inspiration and has been known to draw inspiration from the porn industry.  (not to mention snapchat etc)

Using wearable technology maybe? GPS to recruit.

Hacking into the competitions internal databases of staffing lists?

Setting up a stand outside of your main competitors office?

What form of social media can you manipulate to your advantage? Surely there is a loophole to explore?

I personally loved these two articles of late about Job fairs in Australia for returning Kiwis and the new face of Recruitment

What could you do? Possibilities are endless…