Introducing Kirsti Grant

We are pleased to announce that the conference chair and MC for RHUBNZ is Kirsti Grant.

Kirsti is a social recruitment expert and has recently launched SocialSauce, New Zealand’s first 100% socially powered Talent Consultancy and Social Media for Recruitment Specialists. Check out her profile here and what she had to say about the event.

Hi and welcome to the first post for RHUBNZ!
I am Kirsti Grant, I am the MC for this amazing event and right now I’m supposed to tell you a little about myself, how this great conference has ended up on our shores and why you’d be silly to miss it.

It’s likely that if you’re reading this and you know me that it’s been through my previous jobs with 2 of the top 3 job boards in New Zealand. If you don’t know me, here’s a little bit of my background and what I’m all about.
Since 2008 I have been working in the Online Recruitment space firstly at TradeMeJobs and later on at with Social Media for Recruitment being that thing I can talk about until the cows come home.
Taking that into account, on July 4th 2012 SocialSauce was born. SocialSauce is NZ’s first 100% socially powered talent sourcing consultancy and social media for recruitment specialists. I spend my days consulting businesses not only on the development of social & sourcing strategies but I’m almost ridiculously involved in the execution and training of clients – making sure that the strategies we develop are successful. I am beyond enthusiastic about the level of innovation and evolution the recruitment industry is facing and being a part of an event totally focused on those two points is a great opportunity.

I don’t know about you but I’m kind of the jealous type and if there’s one thing that drives the green monster in me a little mad it’s seeing all of these amazing Recruitment Conferences all over the world, seemingly everywhere BUT New Zealand. With the increase in the use of Social Media in the Recruitment space it’s become even more obvious just how much we’re missing out on.

We have two people to thank for RHUB coming to NZ. Firstly Phillip Tusing who launched RHUB in Australia and then secondly and most fortunately, Jonathan Rice for attending that conference and then coming home and talking about it on The Whiteboard.

Fortunately with Jon coming back and raving about how great it was whilst questioning where the rest of us Kiwi’s were, enough interest was exposed to prompt Phillip into bringing it over and here we are. It’s happening!

What makes this event unique is how it brings together agency and internal recruiters. There are two networking events, TWO! One before (the RHUB Social) and one after so plenty of opportunities to mingle, reflect on the years you’ve had, the event itself and inspire one another in planning for the futures of your businesses – all over food and drinks!

RHUBNZ’s focus on innovation and change within the recruitment industry is apparent in the speaker line up and agenda. Prepare yourselves for very real insights into how agencies can best work with their clients in the future, innovation in sourcing & strategy and a whole lot of that networking thing I know you recruiters love.

Next week we’ll be posting more specific information about the event with some further details on each speaker and their topics. If you have any questions about the event be sure to write them in the comments or tweet us with the #rhubnz hashtag.

I look forward to meeting you all there!